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Safety Culture Questionnaire - SAFECQ

The SAFECQ is an employee attitude survey designed to help an organisation examine specific cultural features and attitudes linked to safety. It enables an organisation to identify aspects of its safety culture which may limit safety success.

Based on research into safety culture the SAFECQ measures 12 distinct building blocks of safety culture, including communication, investment in safety, motivation to act safely and the profile of safety in the organisation.

It can be used with departments, samples or entire employee populations. The depth, breadth and focus of the results will be dependent on organisational requirements. For example, a snapshot of the nature of the safety culture in the organisation can be provided, or alternatively, the link between the safety culture building blocks and actual nature of the safety performance can be illustrated, together with areas for improvement.


  • 1 validation study available.
  • 1 norm group available of 1,200 safety critical employees which will help to assist you in comparing your organisations safety culture to that of others.

Understanding your safety culture to help improve your safety performance - What is Safety Culture?

'the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share in relation to safety.' Cox and Cox (1991)

Safety Culture was first highlighted as a concept following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Since then it has been widely accepted that safety culture is one of the most influential factors in determining an organisation’s safety record. All organisations have some form of safety culture whether this is acknowledged or not. The question for most safety conscious organisations is how good is it? Or perhaps more importantly, how can we improve it? Read more...

The use of Safety Culture Questionnaires: The results are in

105 Linkedin group members responded to the poll. This equated to a 0.45% response rate of group members. The sample is small but it does give us some insight into what Linkedin members think about safety culture questionnaires. For more information on the results please follow this link.