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Tests & Exercises - Customer Service Series

The Customer Service Series is for use with any role in which high quality customer service provision is important, either incidentally or as its main purpose. A number of the tests and exercises are also useful in selecting customer service leaders and first-line managers.

The tests and exercises in this series were developed following the job analysis of many hundreds of customer service employees in a range of roles. They assess the specific competencies required to deliver exceptional customer service, uncomplicated by more generic skills, thus enabling assessors to obtain high quality information about suitability for these highly consequential roles.

There is a range of tests and exercises providing assessors with a choice of methods to identify the potential for successful customer service provision. This includes a number of exercises specifically developed for use in selecting and developing call centre employees.

How customer focused are your employees?

Whether you recruit customer service employees for front-line roles or you would like to develop your existing customer service supervisors or managers, our Customer Service Series has proven to be highly successful in the recruitment and development of all customer service employees.

Ability Test

Group Exercise

Personality Questionnaire

Role Play Exercise

Situational Judgement Test